Build A City Challenge

Birka BACC is Cancelled until further notice

Please enjoy my Prosperity Challenge Mattsmyra over at jungfrun68
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including a 5-wishes for Belladonna in Sims 2 plus a 100 baby challenge in Sims 4.

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This is an extremely complicated challenge when it comes to the rules. And of course – that is why I just HAVE to do it.

I started an empty neighbourhood called Birka, without Downtown, Business District or Uni. They have to be earned and added later.

I also deleted all characters in the neighbourhood. I’m not sure if and when there will be new townies spawned, we’ll see.

Week 15.6 Maryland - Eventlessness

The Marylands are our third American family. It consists of:
Julianne Maryland, Pleasure/Popularity adult, LTW to have 50 dream dates. She works in the Businass career as President. She owns Maryland Garden Supplies, level 10
Noah Colorado, Pleasure/Romance adult, 2nd LTW Professional Perty Guest. He works in the Business career as an Executive
Robert Maryland, Family teen, LTW 6 grandchildren
Stephen Maryland, Family teen, LTW Marry off six kids

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Week 15.5 Boston - Unexpected turn of Events

The Boston family is of American origin and consists of:
Imogene Boston, Family/Fortune elder, LTW to celebrate Golden Anniversary. She works as a Business Tycoon in the Business career. She owns Boston Pharmacy, level 3 pharmacy
Oskar Boston, Family adult, LTW to become Education Minister. He works in the education career as a Highschool Teacher
Patrick Boston, Popularity teen, LTW to become General
Qiara Boston, Fortune teen, LTW City Planner
Gwen Boston, child
Harry and Luna, the terriers
Ozzy, the womrat

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15.1 - Stolt - Birka is back!

Welcome back to Birka for week 15. It has been more than 2 RL years since last update. Thank goodness I’m keeping notes!
As decided last time, there will be a company tax for each family owned company of 10%, in addition to the family tax of 10%. If the family has a home business there will be a 15% tax on the home lot.

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14.32 Katz - 8 CAS

B4545 Katz

Albert Bonnier, Fortune, LTW Hand of Poseidon
Carl-Johan Vallgren, Romance, LTW Professional Party Guest
Danny Katz, Fortune, LTW Space Pirate
Lucifer Katz, child
Joel Klingberg, Family, LTW Golden Anniversary
Johan Olkerud, Romance, LTW Celebrity Chef
Magnus Roosman, Pleasure, LTW Professional Party guest
Åsa Hjertstrand, Pleasure, LTW Professional Party Guest

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Statistics in the next instalment